Testi magici: Of Occult Philosophy – Book II. (part 1) – Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

Chapter I Of the necessity of Mathematicall learning, and of the many wonderfull works which are done by Mathematicall Arts only.
The Doctrines of Mathematicks are so necessary to, and have such an affinity with Magick, that they that do profess it without them, are quite out of the way, and labour in vain, and shall in no wise obtain their desired effect. For whatsoever things are, and are done in these inferior naturall vertues, are all done, and governed by number, weight, measure, harmony, motion, and light. And all things which we see in these inferiours, have root, and foundation in them: yet nevertheless without naturall vertues, of Mathematicall Doctrines only works like to naturals can be produced, as Plato saith, a thing not paataking of truth or divinity, but certain Images kin to them, as bodies going, or speaking, which yet want the Animall faculty, such as were those which amongst the Ancients were called Dedalus his Images, and automata, of which Aristotle makes mention, viz. the threefooted Images of Vulcan, and Dedalus, moving themselves, which Homer saith came out of their own accord to exercise, and which we read, moved themselves at the feast of Hiarba the Philosophicall Exerciser: As also that golden Statues performed the offices of Cup bearers, and Carvers to the guests. Also we read of the Statues of Mercury, which did speak, and the wooden Dove of Arthita, which did fly, and the miracles of Boethius, which Cassiodorus made mention of, viz. Diomedes in Brass, sounding a Trumpet, and a brazen Snake hissing, and pictures of birds singing most sweetly. Of this kind are those miracles of Images which proceed from Geometry, and Opticks, of which we made some mention in the first book, where we spoke of the Element of Aire, So there are made glasses, some Concave, others of the form of a Columne, making the representations of things in the Aire seem like shadows at a distance: of which sort Apoilonius, and Vitellius in their Books De Perspectiva, and Speculis, taught the making, and the use. And we read that Magnus Pompeius brought a certain glass amongst the spoils from the East, to Rome, in which were seen Armies of Armed men. And there are made certain transparent glasses, which being dipped in some certain juices of Hearbs [herbs], and irradiated with an artificiall light, fill the whole Aire round about with visions. And I know how to make reciprocall glasses, in which the Sun shining, all things which were illustrated by the raies [rays] thereof are apparently seen many miles off. Hence a Magician, expert in naturall Philosophy, and Mathematicks, and knowing the middle sciences consisting of both these, Arithmatick, Musick, Geometry, Opticks, Astronomie [astronomy], and such sciences that are of weights, measures, propertions, articles, and joynts, knowing also Mechanicall Arts resulting from these, may without any wonder, if he excell other men in Art, and wit, do many wonderfull things, which the most prudent, and wise men may much admire. Are there not some reliques extant of the Ancients works, viz. Hercules, and Alexanders pillars, the gate of Caspia made of brass, and shut with Iron beams, that it could by no Wit or Art, be broken? And the Pyramis of Julius Caesar erected at Rome neer the hill Vaticanus, and Mountains built by Art in the middle of the Sea, and Towers, and heaps of Stones, such as I saw in England put together by an incredible Art. And we read in faithfull Historians, that in former times Rocks have been cut off, and Vallies [valleys] made, and Mountains made into a Plain, Rocks have been digged through, Promontories have been opened in the Sea, the bowels of the Earth made hollow, Rivers divided, Seas joyned to Seas, the Seas restrained, the bottome of the Sea been searched, Pools exhausted, Fens dryed up, new Islands made, and again restored to the continent, all which, although they my seem to be against nature, yet we read have been done, and we see some reliques of them remaining till this day, which the vulgar say were the works of the divell [Devil], seeing the Arts, and Artificers thereof have been dead out of all memory, neither are there any that care to understand, or search into them. Therefore they seeing any wonderfull sight, do impute it to the divell, as his work, or think it is a miracle, which indeed is a work of naturall, or Mathematicall Philosophy. As if anyone should be ignorant of the vertue of the Loadstone, and should see heavy Iron drawn upwards, or hanged in the Aire (as we read the Iron Image of Mercury did long since at Treveris hang up in the middle of the Temple by Loadstones, this verse attesting the same.
The Iron white rod-bearer flies i’th’ Aire.
The like to which we read was done concerning the image of the Sun at Rome, in the Temple of Serapis) would not such an ignorant man, I say, presently say it is the work of the divell? But if he shall know the vertue of the Loadstone to the Iron, and shall make triall of it, he presently ceaseth to wonder, and doth no more scruple it to be the work of nature. But here it is convenient that you know, that as by naturall vertues we collect naturall vertues, so by abstracted, mathematicall, and celestiall, we receive celestiall vertues, as motion, life, sense, speech, southsaying [soothsaying], and divination, even in matter less disposed, as that which is not made by nature, but only by art. And so images that speak, and foretell things to come, are said to be made, as William of Paris relates of a brazen head made under the rising of Saturn, which they say spake with a mans voice. But he that will choose a disposed matter, and most fit to receive, and a most powerfull agent, shall undoubtedly produce more powerfull effects. For it is a generall opinion of the Pythagoreans, that as Mathematicall things are more formall then Naturall, so also they are more efficacious: as they have less dependence in their being, so also in their operation. But amongst all Mathematicall things, numbers, as they have more of form in them, so also are more efficacious, to which not only Heathen Philosophers, but also Hebrew, and Christian Divines do attribute vertue, and efficacy, as well to effect what is good, as what is bad.

Chapter II  Of Numbers, and of their power, and vertue.

Severinus Boethius saith, that all things which were first made by the nature of things in its first Age, seem to be formed by the proportion of numbers, for this was the principall pattern in the mind of the Creator. Hence is borrowed the number of the Elements, hence the courses of times, hence the motion of the Stars, and the revolution of the heaven, and the state of all things subsist by the uniting together of numbers. Numbers therefore are endowed with great and sublime vertues. For it is no wonder, seeing there are so many, and so great occult vertues in naturall things, although of manifest openations, that there should be in numbers much greater, and more occult, and also more wonderfull, and efficacious, for as much as they are more formall, more perfect, and naturally in the celestialls, not mixt with separated substances; and lastly, having the greatest, and most simple commixtion with the Idea’s in the mind of God, from which they receive their proper, and most efficacious vertues: wherefore also they are of more force, and conduce most to the obtaining of spirituall, and divine gifts, as in naturall things, elementary qualities are powerfull in the transmuting of any elementary thing. Again, all things that are, and are made, subsist by, and receive their vertue from numbers. For time consists of number, and all motion, and action, and all things which are subject to time, and motion.
Harmony also, and voices have their power by, and consist of numbers, and their proportions, and the proportions arising from numbers, do by lines, and points make Characters, and figures: And these are proper to Magicall operations, the middle which is betwixt both being appropriated by declining to the extreams, as in the use of letters. And lastly, all species of naturall things, and of those things which are above nature, are joyned together by certain numbers: which Pythagoras seeing, saith, that number is that by which all things consist, and distributes each vertue to each number. And Proclus saith, Number hath alwaies a being: Yet there is one in voyce, another in the proportion of them, another in the soul, and reason, and another in divine things. But Themistius, and Boethius, and Averrois the Babilonian [Babylonian], together with Plato, do so extoll numbers, that they think no man can be a true Philosopher without them. Now they speak of a rationall, and formall number, not of a materiall, sensible, or vocall, the number of Merchants buying, and selling, of which the Pythagoreans, and Platonists, and our Austin [Augustine] make no reckoning, but apply it to the proportion resulting from it, which number they call naturall, rationall, and formall, from which great mysteries flow, as well in naturall, as divine, and heavenly things. By it is there a way made for the searching out, and understanding of all things knowable. By it the next access to naturall prophesying is had: and the Abbot Joachim proceeded no other way in his Prophecies, but by formall numbers.

Chapter III   How great vertues Numbers have, as well in Naturall things, as in Supernaturall.

That there lyes [lies] wonderfull efficacy, and vertue in numbers, as well to good as to bad, not only most eminent Philosophers do unanimously teach, but also Catholike [Catholic] Doctors, and especially Hierom, Austin [Augustine], Origen, Ambrose, Gregory of Nazianzen, Athanasius, Basilius, Hilarius, Rubanus, Bede, and many more confirm. Hence Hilarius in his Commentaries upon the Psalms, testifies that the seventy Elders, according to the efficacy of numbers, brought the Psalms into order. Rabanus also, a famous Doctor, composed an excellent book of the vertues of numbers: But now how great vertues numbers have in nature, is manifest in the hearb [herb] which is called Cinquefoil, i.e. five leaved Grass; for this resists poysons [poisons] by vertue of the number of five; also drives away divells [devils], conduceth to expiation; and one leafe of it taken twice in a day in wine, cures the Feaver [fever] of one day: three the tertian Feaver: foure the quartane. In like manner four grains of the seed of Turnisole being drunk, cures the quartane, but three the tertian. In like manner Vervin is said to cure Feavers, being drunk in wine, if in tertians it be cut from the third joynt [joint], in quartans from the fourth. A Serpent, if he be once struck with a Spear, dieth, if twice, recovers strength. These and many such as these are read, and testified in divers Authors. We must know now whence these are done, which certainly have a cause, which is a various proportion of various numbers amongst themselves. There is also a wonderfull experiment of the number of seven, that every seventh male, born without a female coming betwixt, hath power to cure the Kings evill by his touch alone, or word. Also every seventh daughter that is born, is said wonderfully to help forward the birth of children: neither is the naturall number here considered, but the formall consideration that is in the number. And let that which we spake before, be alwaies kept in mind, viz. that these powers are not in vocall, or numbers of merchants buying, and selling, but in rationall, formall, and naturall; These are distinct mysteries of God, and nature. But he that knows how to joyn [join] together the vocall numbers, and naturall with divine, and order them into the same harmony, shall be able to work and know wonderfull things by numbers; the Pythagorians profess that they can prognosticate many things by the numbers of names, in which truly, unless there did ly [lie] a great mysterie [mystery], John had not said in the Revelation, He which hath understanding, let him compute the number of the name of the beast, which is the number of a man, and this is the most famous manner of computing amongst the Hebrews, and Cabalists, as we shall shew afterwards. But this you must know, that simple numbers signifie Divine things: numbers of ten; Celestiall numbers of an hundred; terrestriall numbers of a thousand; those things that shall be in a future age. Besides, seeing the parts of the mind are according to an Arithmeticall Mediocrity, by reason of the identity, or equality of excess, coupled together. But the body, whose parts differ in their greatness, is according to a Geometricall mediocrity, compounded: But an animall consists of both, viz. soul and body, according to that mediocrity, which is sutable [suitable] to harmony: Hence it is that numbers do work very much upon the soul, figures upon the body, and harmony upon the whole animall.

Chapter IV   Of unity, and the Scale thereof.

Now let us treat particularly of numbers themselves: and because number is nothing els [else] but a repetition of Unity, let us first consider Unity it self. For Unity doth most simply go through every number, and is the common measure, fountain, and originall of all numbers, contains every number joyned [joined] together in it self intirely, the beginner of every multitude, alwayes the same, and unchangable: whence also being multiplyed into it self, produceth nothing but it self: it is indivisible, void of all parts: But if it seem at any time to be divided, it is not cut, but indeed Multiplied into Unities: yet none of these Unities is greater or lesser then the whole Unity, as a part is less than the whole: It is not therefore Multiplyed into parts, but into it self: Therefore some called it concord, some piety, and some friendship, which is so knit, that it cannot be cut into parts. But Martianus, according to the opinion of Aristotle saith, it is named Cupid, because it is made one alone, and will alwaies bewail it self, and beyond it self it hath nothing, but being void of all haughtiness, or coupling, turns its proper heats into it self. It is therefore the one beginning, and end of all things, neither hath it any beginning, or end it self: Nothing is before one, nothing is after one, and beyond it is nothing, and all things which are, desire that one, because all things proceeded from one, and that all things may be the same, it is necessary that they partake of that one: And as all things proceeded of one into many things, so all things endeavour to return to that one, from which they proceeded; it is necessary that they should put off multitude. One therefore is referred to the high God, who seeing he is one, and innumerable, yet creates innumerable things of himself, and contains them within himself. There is therefore one God, one world of the one God, one Sun of the one world, also one Phoenix in the World, one King [queen] amongst Bees, one Leader amongst Flocks of Catel [cattle], one Ruler amongst heards [herds] of Beasts, & Cranes follow one, and many other Animalls honour Unity; Amongst the Members of the body there is one Principal by which all the rest are guided, whether it be the head, or (as some will) the heart. There is one Element overcoming, and penetrating all things, viz. Fire. There is one thing created of God, the subject of all wondring [wondering], which is on Earth, or in Heaven, it is actually Animal, Vegetable, and Minerall, every where found, known by few, called by none by its proper name, but covered with figures, and Riddles, without which neither Alchymie [alchemy], nor Naturall Magick, can attain to their compleat end, or perfection. From one man, Adam, all men proceed, from that one all become mortall, from that one Jesus Christ they are regenerated: and as saith Paul, one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, one God, and Father of all, one mediator betwixt God and man, one most high Creator, who is over all, by all, and in us all. For there is one Father, God, from whence all, and we in him: one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom all, and we by him: one God Holy Ghost, into whom all, and we into him.

The Scale of Unity

In the exemplary world.

é Iod

One Divine essence, the fountain of all vertues, and power, whose name is expressed with one most simple Letter.
In the intellectuall world.The soul of the world.One supreme Intelligence, the first Creature, The fountain of lives.
In the Celestial world.The Sun.One King of Stars, fountain of life.
In the Elemental world.The Philosophers Stone.One subject, and instrument of all vertues, naturall, and supernaturall.
In the lesser world.The Heart.One first living, and last dying.
In the infernall world.Lucifer.One Prince of Rebellion, of Angels, and darkness.

Chapter V Of the Number of Two, and the Scale thereof.

The first Number is of two, because it is the first Multitude, it can be measured by no number besides unity alone, the common measure of all Numbers: It is not compounded of Numbers, but of one unity only; neither is it called a number uncompounded, but more properly not compounded: The Number of three is called the first Number uncompounded: But the Number of two is the first branch of unity, and the first procreation: Hence it is called generation, and Juno, and an imaginable Corporation, the proof of the first motion, the first form of parity: the number of the first equality, extremity, and distance betwixt, and therefore of peculiar equity, and the proper act thereof, because it consists of two equally poysed: and it is called the Number of Science, and Memory, and of light, and the number of man, who is called another, and the lesser World: it is also called the number of charity, and mutuall love, of marriage, and society, as it is said by the Lord, Two shall be one flesh. And Solomon saith: It is better that two be together then one, for they have a benefit by their mutuall society: If one shall fall, he shall be supported by the other. Wo [woe] to him that is alone, because when he falls he hath not another to help him: and if two sleep together, they shall warm one the other; how shall one be hot alone? And if any prevaile against him, two resist him. And it is called the number of Wedlock and Sex; for there are two sexes, Masculine, and Feminine: and two Dovess bring forth two Eggs, out of the first of which is hatched the Male, out of the second the Female. It is also called the midle [middle], that is capable, that is good, and bad, partaking, and the beginning of division, of Multitude, and distinction, and signifies matter. This is also sometimes the number of discord, and confusion, of misfortune, and uncleanness, whence Saint Hierom against Jovianus saith, that therefore it was not spoken in the second day of the creation of the world, and God said, That it was good, because the number of two is evill. Hence also it was, that God commanded that all unclean Animals should go into the Ark by couples: because as I said, the number of two, is a number of uncleanness, and it is most unhappy in their Soothsayings, especially if those things, from whence the Soothsaying is taken, be Saturnall, or Martiall, for these two are accounted by the Astrologers unfortunate. It is also reported, that the number of two doth cause apparitions of Ghosts, and fearfull Goblins, and bring mischiefs of evill spirits to them that travell by night. Pythagoras (as Eusebius reports) said, that Unity was God, and a good intellect; and that Duality was a Divell [devil], and an evill intellect, in which is a materiall multitude: wherefore the Pythagoreans say, that two is not a number, but a certain confusion of unities. And Plutarke [Plutarch] writes, that the Pythagorians [Pythagoreans] called unity Apollo, and two, strife, and boldness; and three, Justice, which is the highest perfection, and is not without many mysteries. Hence there were two Tables of the Law in Sina, two Cherubins looking to the Propitiatory in Moses, two Olives dropping oyle [oil], in Zachariah, two natures in Christ, Divine, and Humane; Hence Moses saw two appearances of God, viz. his face, and back-parts, also two Testaments, two commands of Love, two first dignities, two first people, two kinds of Spirits, good and bad, two intellectuall creatures, an Angell, and soul, two great lights, two Solstitia [solstices], two equinoctials [equinoxes], two poles, two Elements, producing a living soul, viz. Earth, and Water.

The Scale of the Number of two.

In the exemplary world.

ìà El

The names of God expressed with two letters.
In the Intellectuall world.An Angell.The Soul.Two intelligible substances.
In the Celestiall world.The Sun.The MoonTwo great lights.
In the Elementary world.The Earth.The Water.Two Elements producing a living soul.
In the lesser world.The Heart.The Brain.Two principall seats of the soul.
In the Infernall soul.Beemeth
gnashing of teeth.
Two chief of the divels.
Two things which Christ threatens to the damned.


Chapter VI   Of the Number of three, and the Scale thereof.

The number of three is an incompounded number, a holy number, a number of perfection, a most powerfull number. For there are three persons in God, there are three Theologicall vertues in Religion. Hence it is that this number conduceth to the Ceremonies of God, and Religion, that by the solemnity of which, prayers, and sacrifices are thrice repeated. Whence Virgil sings,
Odd numbers to the God delightfull are.
And the Pythagorians use it in their sanctifications, and purifications, whence in Virgil,
The same did cleanse, and wash with Water pure
Thrice his companions —–

And it is most fit in bindings, or ligations, hence that of Virgil,
—– I walk around
First with these threads, which three, and severall are,
‘Bout th’ Altar thrice I shall thy image bear.

And a little after;
Knots, Amaryllis, tye, of colours three,
Then say, these bonds I knit, for
Venus be.
And we read of Medea.
She spake three words, which caus’d sweet sleep at will,
The troubled Sea, the raging Waves stand still.

And in Pliny it was the cusome in every medicine to spit with three deprecations, and hence to be cured. The number of thee is perfected with three Augmentations, long, broad, and deep, beyond which there is no progression of dimension, whence the first number is called square. Hence it is said that to a body that hath three measures, and to a square number, nothing can be added. Wherefore Aristotle in the beginning of his speeches concerning Heaven, cals it as it were a Law, according to which all things are disposed. For Corporeall, and spirituall things consist of three things, viz. beginning, middle, and end. By three (as Tresmegistus [Trismegistus] saith) the world is perfected: Hemarmene {so the L}, necessity, and order (i.e.) concurrence of causes, which many call fate, and the execution of them to the fruit, or increase, and a due distribution of the increase. The whole measure of time is concluded in three, viz. Past, present, to come; All magnitude is contained in three; line, superficies, and body, every body consists of three Intervals, length, bredth [breadth], thickness. Harmony contains three consents in time, Diapason, Hemiolion, Diatessaron. There are three kinds of souls, Vegetative, sensitive, and intellectuall. And as saith the Prophet, God orders the world by number, weight, and measure, and the number of three is deputed to the Ideall forms thereof, as the number two is to the procreating matter, and unity to God the maker of it. Magicians do constitute three Princes of the world, Oromasis, Mitris, Araminis [i.e. Ohrmazd (Av. Ahura Mazda), Mithra, and Ahriman (Av. Anghra Mainyu). In Zoroastrian theology, these are the names for God, the highest angel, and the Devil respectively.] (i.e.) God, the Mind, and the Spirit. By the three square or solid, the three numbers of nine of things produced are distributed, viz. of the supercelestiall into nine orders of Intelligencies: of Celestiall into nine Orbs: of inferiours into nine kinds of generable, and corruptible things. Lastly in this ternall Orb, viz. twenty seven, all Musical proportions are included, as Plato, and Proclus, do at large discourse. And the number of three hath in a harmony of five, the grace of the first voyce. Also in Intelligencies there are three Hierarchies of Angelicall spirits. There are three powers of Intellectuall creatures, memory, mind, and will. There are three orders of the blessed, viz. of Martyrs, Confessors, and Innocents. There are three quaternions of Celestiall Signs, viz. Of fixt [fixed], moveable, and common, as also of houses, viz. centers, succeeding, and falling. There are also three faces, and heads in every Sign, and three Lords of each triplicity. There are three fortunes amongst the Planets. Three graces amongst the Goddesses. Three Ladies of destiny amongst the infernall crew. Three Judges. Three furies. Three-headed Cerberus. We read also of a thrice double Hecate. Three moneths [L: ora = mouths] of the virgin Diana. Three persons in the supersubstantiall Divinity. Three times, of Nature, Law, and Grace. Three Theologicall vertues, Faith, Hope, and Charity. Jonas was three days in the Whales belly; and so many was Christ in the grave.

The Scale of the Number of three.

In the Original world.The Fatheréãù
The Son.
The Holy GhostThe name of God with three letters.
In the Intellectuall world.Supreme.
Lowest of all
Three Hierarchies of Angels.
Three degrees of the blessed.
In the Celestiall world.Moveable.
Of the day.
Three quaternions of Signs.
Three quaternions of houses.
Three Lords of the Triplicities.
In the Elementary world.Simple.Compounded.Thrice compounded.Three degrees of Elements.
In the lesser world.The head, in which the Intellect grows, answering to the intellectuall world.The breast, where is the heart, the seat of life, answering to the Celestiall world.The belly, where the faculty of generation is, and the genitall members, answering the Elemental world.Three parts, answering the three-fold world.
In the infernal world.Alecto.
Three infernall furies.
Three infernall Judges.
Three degrees of the damned.

Chapter VII   Of the Number of Four, and the Scale thereof.

The Pythagorians call the Number of four Tetractis, and prefer it before all the vertues of Numbers, because it is the foundation, and root of all other numbers; whence also all foundations, as well in artificiall things, as naturall, and divine, are four square, as we shall shew afterwards: and it signifies solidity, which also is demonstrated by a four square figure. For the number four is the first four square plain, which consists of two proportions, whereof the first is of one to two, the latter of two to four, and it proceeds by a double procession and proportion, viz. of one to one, and of two to two, beginning at a unity, and ending at a quaternity: which proportions differ in this, that according to Arithmatick [arithematic], they are unequall to one the other: but according to Geometry are equall. Therefore a four square is ascribed to God the Father, and also contains the mysterie [mystery] of the whole Trinity: for by its single proportion, viz. by the first of one to one, the unity of the paternall substance is signified, from which proceeds one Son, equall to him; by the next procession, also simple, viz. of two to two, is signified by the second procession the Holy Ghost from both, that the Son be equall to the Father by the first procession; and the Holy Ghost be equall to both by the second procession. Hence that superexcellent, and great name of the divine Trinity of God is written with four letters, viz. Yod, He, and Vau; He, where it is the aspiration He, signifies the proceeding of the spirit from both: for He being duplicated, terminates both syllables, and the whole name, but is pronounced Jova, as some will, whence that Jovis of the heathen, which the Ancients did picture with four ears, whence the number four is the fountain, and head of the whole divinity. And the Pythagorians [Pythagoreans] call it the perpetuall fountain of nature: for there are four degrees in the Scale of nature, viz. to be, to live, to be sensible, to understand. There are four motions in nature, viz. ascendent, descendent, going forward, circular. There are four Corners in the heaven, viz. rising, falling, the midle [middle] of the heaven, and the bottome of it. There are four Elements under Heaven, viz. Fire, Aire, Water, and Earth; according to these there are four triplicities in Heaven: There are four first qualities under the Heaven, viz. Cold, Heat, Driness [dryness], and Moystness [moistness], from these are the four Humours, Blood, Flegm [phlegm], Choller [choler], Melancholy. Also the year is divided into four parts, which are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter; also the wind is divided into Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern. There are also four rivers of Paradise, and so many infernall. Also the number four makes up all knowledge: first it fills up every simple progress of numbers with four termes, viz. with one, two, three, and four, constituting the number ten. It fills up every difference of numbers, the first even, and conteining the first odd in it. It hath in Musick Diatessaron, the grace of the fourth voice. Also it conteins the instrument of four strings, and a Pythagorean Diagram, whereby are found out first of all musicall tunes, and all harmony of Musick. For Double, Treble, fourtimes double, one and halfe, one and a third part, a concord of all, a double concord of all, of five, of four, and all consonancy is limited within the bounds of the number four. It doth also contein the whole of Mathematicks in four terms, viz. point, line, superficies, and profundity. It comprehends all natute in four terms, viz. substance, quality, quantity, and motion. Also all naturall Phylosophy [philosophy], in which are the seminary vertues of nature, the naturall springing, the growing form, and the compositum. Also Metaphysick is comprehended in four bounds, viz. being, essence, vertue, and action. Morall Phylosophy is comprehended with four vertues, viz. prudence, justice, fortitude, temperence. It hath also the power of justice: hence a fourfold law: of providence from God; fatall, from the soul of the world: of nature from Heaven: of prudence, from man. There are also four judiciary powers in all things being, viz. the intellect, discipline, opinion, and sense. It hath also great power in all mysteries. Hence the Pythagoreans did ratifie [ratify] the number four with an oath, as if it were the cheifest [chiefest] ground whereon their faith was grounded, and their belief might be confirmed. Hence it was called the Pythagorians oath, which is expressed in these verses.
I with pure minde by th’ number four do swear
That’s holy, and the fountain of nature
Eternall, parent of the mind —–

Also there are four rivers of Paradise; four Gospels received from four Evangalists throughout the whole Church. The Hebrews received the cheifest [chiefest] name of God written with four letters. Also the Egyptians, Arabians, Persians, Magicians, Mahumitans, Grecians, Tuscans, Latines, write the name of God with only four letters, viz. thus, Theut, Alla, Sire, Orsi, Abdi, qeoz [theos], Esar, Deus. Hence the Lacedemonians were wont to paint Jupiter with four wings. Hence also in Orpheus his divinity, it is said that Neptunes Chariots are drawn with four horses. There are also four kinds of divine furies, proceeding from severall deities, viz. from the Muses, Dionysius, Apollo, and Venus. Also the Prophet Ezekiel saw four beasts by the river Chobar, and four Cherubims in four wheels. Also in Daniel, four great beasts did ascend from the Sea, and four winds did fight. And in the Revelations four beasts were full of eyes, before, and behind: standing round about the Throne of God, and four Angels, to whom was given power to hurt the Earth, and the Sea, did stand upon the four corners of the Earth, holding the four winds, that they should not blow upon the Earth, nor upon the Sea, nor upon any Tree.

The Scale of the Number four, answering the four Elements.

The name of God with four letters.


In the Originall world, whence the Law of providence.
Four Triplicities or intelligible Hierarchies.Seraphim.
In the Intellectual world, whence the fatall Law.
Four Angels ruling over the corners of the world.ìàëéî
Four rulers of the Elements.ôøù
Four consecrated Animals.The Lion.The Eagle.Man.A Calf. 
Four Triplicities of the tribes of Israel.Dan.
Zabulum [Zabulon].
Reubin [Ruben].
Simeon [Simehon].
Four Triplicities of Apostles.Mathias.
Jacob the elder.
James the younger.
Four Evangelists.Mark.John.Mathew.Luke. 
Four Triplicities of Signs.Aries.
In the Celestiall world, where is the law of nature.
The Stars, and Planets, related to the Elements.Mars, and the Sun.Jupiter, and Venus.Saturn, and Mercury.The fixt Stars, and the Moon. 
Four qualities of the Celestiall Elements.Light.Diaphanousness.Agility.Solidity. 
Four Elements.ùà
Ayre [air].
In the Elementary, where the Law of generation, and corruption is.
Four qualities.Heat.Moysture [moisture].Cold.Dryness.
Four seasons.Summer.Spring.Winter.Autumne.
Four corners of the World.The East.The West.The North.The South.
Four perfect kinds of mixt bodies.Animals.Plants.Metals.Stones.
Four kinds of Animals.Walking.Flying.Swimming.Creeping.
What answer the Elements, in Plants.Seeds.Flowers.Leaves.Roots.In the lesser world, viz. man, from whom is the Law of prudence.
What in Metals.Gold, and Iron.Copper, and Tin.Quicksilver.Lead, & Silver.
What in stones.Bright, and burning.Light, and transparent.Clear, and congealed.Heavy, & dark.
Four Elements of man.The Mind.The spirit.The Soul.The body.
Four powers of the Soul.The Intellect.Reason.Phantasy.Sense.
Four Judiciary powers.Faith.Science.Opinion.Experience.
Four morall vertues.Justice.Temperance.Prudence.Fortitude.
The senses answering to the Elements.Sight.Hearing.Tast, and smel [taste and smell].Touch.
Four Elements of mans body.Spirit.Flesh.Humours.Bones.
A four-fold spirit.Animall.Vitall.Generative.Naturall.
Four humours.Choller.Blood.Flegme.Melancholly.
Four Manners of complexion.Violence.Nimbleness.Dulness.Slowness.
Four Princes of divels, offensive in the Elements.ìàîñ
In the infernall world, where is the Law of wrath, and punishment.
Four infernal Rivers.Phlegeton.Cocytus.Styx.Acheron.
Four Princes of spirits, upon the four angels [angles] of the world.Oriens.Paymon.Egyn.Amaymon.

Chapter VIII   Of the Number Five, and the Scale thereof.

The number five is of no small force, for it consists of the first even, and the first odd, as of a Female, and Male; For an odd number is the Male, and the even the Female. Whence Arithmeticians call that the Father, and this the Mother. Therefore the number five is of no small perfection, or vertue, which proceeds from the mixtion of these numbers: It is also the just midle [middle] of the universal number, viz. ten. For if you divide the number ten, there will be nine and one, or eight and two, or seven and three, or six and four, and every collection makes the number ten, and the exact midle [middle] alwaies is the number five, and its equidistant; and therefore it is called by the Pythagoreans the number of Wedlock, as also of justice, because it divides the number ten in an even Scale. There be five senses in man, sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling: five powers in the soul, Vegetative, Sensitive, Concupiscible, Irascible, Rationall: five fingers on the hand: five wandering Planets in the heavens, according to which there are five-fold terms in every sign. In Elements there are five kinds of mixt [mixed] bodies, viz. Stones, Metals, Plants, Plant-Animals, Animals, and so many kinds of Animals, as men, four-footed beasts, creeping, swimming, flying. And there are five kinds by which all things are rnade of God, viz. Essence, the same, another, sense, motion. The Swallow brings forth but five young, which she feeds with equity, beginning with the eldest, and so the rest, according to their age. Also this number hath great power in expiations: For in holy things it drives away Divels [devils]. In naturall things, it expels poysons [poisons]. It is also called the number of fortunateness, and favour, and it is the Seale of the Holy Ghost, and a bond that binds all things, and the number of the cross, yea eminent with the principall wounds of Christ, whereof he vouchsafed to keep the scars in his glorifyed body. The heathen Philosophers did dedicate it as sacred to Mercury, esteeming the vertue of it to be so much more excellent then the number four, by how much a living thing is more excellent then a thing without life. For in this number the Father Noah found favour with God, and was preserved in the floud [flood] of waters. In the vertue of this number Abraham, being an hundred years old, begat a Son of Sarah, being ninety years old, and a barren Woman, and past child bearing, and grew up to be a great people. Hence in time of grace the name of divine omnipotency is called upon with five letters. For in time of nature the name of God was called upon with three letters. éãù Sadai: in time of the Law, the ineffable name of God was expressed with four letters äåäé insteed of which the Hebrews express éðãà Adonai: in time of grace the ineffable name of God was with five letters äåùäé Ihesu, which is called upon with no less mysterie then that of three letters åùé.

The Scale of the Number of five.

The names of God with five Letters.
The names of Christ with five Letters.
Eloim [Elion].
  In the examplary world.
Five Intelligible substances.Spirits of the first Hierarchy called Gods, or the Sons of God.Spirits of the second Hierarchy called Intelligencies.Spirits of the third Hierarchy, called Angels which are sent.Souls of Celestiall bodies.Heroes or blessed souls.In the Intellectual world.
Five wandring Stars, Lords of the Tearms.Saturn.Jupiter.Mars.Venus.Mercury.In the Celestiall world.
Five kinds of corruptible things.Water.Aire.Fire.Earth.A mixed body.In the Elementary world.
Five kinds of mixt bodies.Animall.Plant.Metall.Stone.Plant-animal. 
Five senses.Tast [taste].Hearing.Seeing.Touching.Smelling.In the lesser world. 
Five Corporeall torments.Deadly Bitterness.Horrible howling.Terrible darkness.Unquenchable Heat.A piercing stink.In the infernall world.

Chapter IX   Of the Number six, and the Scale thereof.

Six is the number of perfection, because it is the most perfect in nature, in the whole course of numbers, from one to ten, and it alone is so perfect, that in the collection of its parts it results the same, neither wanting, nor abounding. For if the parts thereof, viz. the midle [middle], the third, and sixt [sixth] part, which are three, two, one, be gathered together, they perfectly fill up the whole body of six, which perfection all the other numbers want: Hence by the Pythagorians it is said to be altogether applyed to generation, and Marriage, and is called the Scale of the world. For the world is made of the number six, neither doth it abound, or is defective. Hence that is, because the world was finished by God the sixt day. For the sixt day God saw all the things which he had made, and they were very good. Therefore the heaven, and the earth, and all the Host thereof were finished. It is also called the number of man, because the sixt day man was created: and it is also the number of our redemption, for the sixt day Christ suffered for our redemption: whence there is a great affinity betwixt the number six and the Cross, labour, and servitude: hence it is commanded in the Law, that in six days the work is to be done, six days Manna is to be gathered, six years the ground was to be sown, and that the Hebrew servant should serve his Master six years; six days the glory of the Lord appeared upon Mount Sina [Sinai], covering it with a cloud: the Cherubins had six wings, 6 circles in the Firmament, Artick, Antartick, two Tropicks, Equinoctiall, & Eclipticall, six wandring [wandering] Planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, running through the latitude of the Zodiack, on both sides the Eclyptick [ecliptic]. There are six substantificall qualities in the Elements, viz. Sharpness, Thinness, Motion, and the contrary to these, Dulness, Thickness, Rest. There are six differences of position, Upwards, Downwards, Before, Behind, on the right side, one the left side. There are six naturall offices, without which nothing can be, viz. Magnitude, Colour, Figure, Intervall, Standing, Motion. Also a solid Figure of any four square thing hath six superficies. There are six Tones of all harmony, viz. 5. Tones, & 2. half tones, which make one tone, which is the sixt.

The Scale of the Number six.

In the examplary world.íéäåìà øåáâ ìàNames of the six Letters.
In the intelligible World.Cherubin.Thrones.Dominations.Powers.Vertues.Six orders of Angels, which are not sent to inferiours. 
In the Celestiall World.Saturn.Jupiter.Mars.Venus.Mercury.The MoonSix planets wandring through the latitude of the Zodiack from the Eclyptick.
In the Elemental world.Rest.Thinness.Sharpness.Dulness.Thickness.Motion.Six substantificall qualities of Elements.
In the lesser world.The Intellect.Memory.Sense.Motion.Life.Essence.Six degrees of men.
In the infernall World.Acteus.Megalesius.Ormenus.Lycus.Nicon.Mimon.Six divels [devils], the authors of all calamities.

Chapter X Of the Number Seaven, and the Scale thereof.

The number seaven [seven] is of various, and manifold power, for it consists of one, and six, or of two, and five, or of three and four, and it hath a Unity, as it were the coupling together of two threes: whence if we consider the severall parts thereof, and the joyning together of them, without doubt we shall confess that it is as well by the joyning together of the parts thereof, as by its fullness apart, most full of all Majesty. And the Pythagorians call it the Vehiculum of mans life, which it doth not receive from its parts so, as it perfects by its proper right of its whole, for it contains body, and soul, for the body consists of four Elements, and is endowed with four qualities: Also the number three respects the soul, by reason of its threefold power, viz. rationall, irascible, and concupiscible. The number seaven therefore, because it consists of three, and four, joyns the soul to the body, and the vertue of this number relates to the generation of men, and it causeth man to be received, formed, brought forth, nourished, live, and indeed altogether to subsist. For when the genitall seed is received in the womb of the woman, if it remain there seaven hours after the effusion of it, it is certain that it will abide there for good: Then the first seaven daye it is coagulated, and is fit to receive the shape of a man: then it produceth mature infants, which are called infants of the seaventh moneth [month], i.e. because they are born the seaventh moneth. After the birth, the seaventh hour tryes whether it will live or no: for that which shall bear the breath of the aire after that hour is conceived will live. After seaven dayes it casts off the reliques of the Navell.
After twice seaven dayes its sight begins to move after the light: in the third seaventh it turns its eyes, and whole face freely. After seaven moneths it breeds teeth: After the second seaventh moneth it sits without fear of falling: After the third seaventh moneth it begins to speak: After the fourth seaventh moneth it stands strongly, and walks: after the fifth seaventh moneth it begins to refrain sucking its Nurse: After seaven years its first teeth fall, and new are bred, fitter for harder meat, and its speech is perfected: After the second seaventh year boys wax ripe, and then is a beginning of generation: At the third seaventh year they grow to be men in stature, and begin to be hairy, and become able, and strong for generation: At the fourth seaventh year they begin to barnish, and cease to grow taller: In the fifth seaventh year they attain to the perfection of their strength: The sixt seaven year they keep their strength; The seaventh seaventh year they attain to their utmost discretion, and wisdome, and the perfect age of men. But when they come to the tenth seaventh year, where the number seaven is taken for a compleat number, then they come to the common tearm of life, the Prophet saying, Our age is seaventy years. The utmost hight [height] of mans body is seaven feet. There are also seaven degrees in the body, which compleat the dimension of its altitude from the bottome to the top, viz. marrow, bone, nerve, vein, artery, flesh, skin. There are seaven, which by the Greeks are called black members, the Tongue, the Heart, the Lunges, the Liver, the Spleen, and two Kidnies [kidneys]. There are also seaven principal parts of the body, the head, the breast, the hands, the feet, and the privy members. It is manifest concerning breath, and meat, that without drawing of the breath the life doth not endure above seaven hours: and they that are starved with famine, live not above seaven dayes. The Veins also, and arteries (as Physicians say) are moved by the seaventh number. Also judgements in diseases are made with greater manifestation upon the seaventh dayes, which Physitians [physicians] call criticall, i.e. judiciall. Also of seaven portions God Creates the soul, as divine Plato witnesseth in Timeus [Timaeus]. The soul also receives the body by seaven degrees. All difference of voices proceeds to the seaventh degree, after which there is the same revolution. Again, there are seaven modulations of the voyces, Ditonus, Semiditonus, Diutessaron, Diapente with a tone [lat: semitone], Diapente with a half time [lat: semitone], and diapason. There is also in Celestials a most potent power of the number seven. For seeing there are four corners of the Heaven Diametrically looking one towards the other, which indeed is accounted a most full, and powerfull aspect, and consists of the number seven. For it is made from the seventh Sign, and makes a Cross, the most powerfull figure of all, of which we shall speak in its due place. But this you must not be ignorant of, that the number seven hath a great Communion with the Cross. By the same radiation, and number the solstice is distant from Winter, and the Winter equinoctium from the Summer, all which are done by seven Signs. There are also seven Circles in the Heaven, according to the longitudes of the Axel-tree. There are seven Stars about the Articke [Arctic] Pole, greater, and lesser, called Charls-Wain, also seven Stars called the Pleiades, and seven Planets, according to those seven dayes, constituting a week. The Moon is the seventh of the Planets & next to us observing this number more then the rest, this number dispensing the mofion, and light thereof. For in twenty eight dayes it runs round the Compass of the whole Zodiack, which number of dayes, the number seven, with its seven tearms, viz. from one to seven, doth make, and fill up, as much as the several numbers, by adding to the Antecedents, and makes four times seven dayes, in which the Moon runs through, and about all the longitude, and latitude of the Zodiack by measuring, and measuring again: with the like seven of dayes it dispenseth its light, by changing it; For the first seven dayes unto the middle as it were of the divided world, it increaseth; the second seven dayes it fils [fills] its whole Orb with light; the third by decreasing is again contracted into a divided Orb; but after the fourth seven dayes, it is renewed with the last diminuafion of its light, and by the same seven of dayes it disposeth the increase, and decrease of the Sea, for in the first seven of the increase of the Moon, it is by little lessened; in the second by degrees increased: but the third is like the first, and the fourth doth the sure as the second. It is also applyed to Saturn, which ascending from the lower, is the seventh Planet, which betokens rest, to which the seventh day is ascribed, which signifies the seven thousandth, wherein (as John witnesseth) the Dragon, which is the Divell [Devil], and Satan, being bound, men shall be quiet, and lead a peaceable life. Moreover the Phythagorians [Pythagoreans] call seven the number of Virginity, because the first is that which is neither generated, or generates, neither can it be divided into two equall parts, so as to be generated of another number repeated, or being doubled to bring forth any other number of it self, which is contained within the bounds of the number ten, which is manifestly the first bound of numbers, and therefore they dedicate the number seven to Pallas. It hath also in Religion most potent signs of its esteem, and it is called the number of an oath. Hence amongst the Hebrews to swear is called Septenare (i.e.) to protest by seven. So Abraham, when he made a covenant with Abimelech, appointed seven Ewe Lambs for a testimony. It is also called the number of blessedness, or of rest, whence that,
O thrice, and four times blessed!
viz. in soul, and body. The seventh day the Creator rested from his work, wherefore this day was by Moses called the Sabbath (i.e.) the day of rest; hence it was that Christ rested the seventh day in the grave. Also this number hath a great communion with the Cross, as is above shewed, as also with Christ. For in Christ is all our blessedness, rest, and felicity; besides, it is most convenient in purifications. whence Apuleius saith, and I put myself forthwith into the bath of the Sea, to be purified, and put my head seven times under the Waves. And the Leprous person that was to be cleansed, was sprinkled seven times with the blood of a Sparrow; and Elisha the Prophet, as it is written in the Second Book of the Kings, saith unto the Leprous person; Go, and wash thy self seven times in Jordan, and thy flesh shall be made whole, and thou shalt be cleansed, and it follows a little after, And he washed himself seven times in Jordan, according to the Prophets saying, and he was cleansed. Also it is a number of repentance, and remission: Hence was ordeined the seaventh years repentance for every sin, according to the opinion of the wise man, saying, And upon every sinner seaven fold: Also the seaventh year there were granted remissions, and after full seaven years there was giving a full remission, as is read in Leviticus. And Christ with seaven petitions finished his speech of our satisfaction: hence also it is called the number of liberty, because the seaventh year the Hebrew servant did challenge liberty for himself. It is also most sutable to divine praises. Whence the Prophet saith, Seaven times a day do I praise thee, because of thy righteous judgements. It is moreover called the number of revenge, as saith the Scripture, and Cain shall be revenged seaven fold. And the Psalmist saith, Render unto our Neighbours seaven fold into their bosome, their reproach. Hence there are seaven wickednesses, as saith Solomon, and seaven wickeder spirits taken, are read of in the Gospel. It signifies also the time of the present circle, because it is finished in the space of seaven days. Also it is consecrated to the Holy Ghost, which the Prophet Isaiah describes to be seaven fold, according to his gifts, viz. the spirit of wisdom, and understanding, the spirit of counsell, and strength, the spirit of knowledge, and holiness, and the spirit of the fear of the Lord, which we read in Zachariah to be the seaven eyes of God. There are also seaven Angells, spirits standing in the presence of God, as is read in Tobias, and in the Revelation; seaven Kamps did burn before the Throne of God, and seaven golden Candlesticks, and in the midle thereof was one like to the son of man, and he had in his right hand seaven Stars. Also there were seaven spirits before the Throne of God, and seaven Angells stood before the Throne, and there were given to them seaven Trumpets. And he saw a Lamb having seaven horns, and seaven eyes, and he saw the book sealed with seaven Seales, and when the seaventh seal was opened, there was made silence in heaven. Now by all what hath been said, it is apparent that the number seaven, amongst the other numbers, may deservedly be said to be most full of all efficacy. Moreover, the number seaven hath great conformity with the number twelve; For as three, and four make seaven, so thrice four make twelve, which are the numbers of the celestiall Planets, and signs, resulting from the same root, and by the number four of the nature of inferiour things. There is in sacred writ a very great observance of this number, before all others, and many, and very great are the mysteries thereof; many we have decreed to reckon up here, repeating them out of holy writ, by which it will easily appear, that the number seaven doth signifie a certain fulness of sacred mysteries. For we read in Genesis, that the seaventh was the day of the rest of the Lord; & Enoch, a pious, holy man, was the seaventh from Adam, and that there was another seaventh man from Adam, a wicked man, by name Lamech, that had two wives; and that the sin of Cain should be abolished the seaventh generation: As it is written, Cain shall be punished seaven fold: and he that shall slay Cain, shall be revenged seaven fold, to which the Master of the History collects, that there were seaven sins of Cain. Also of all clean beasts seaven, and seaven were brought into the Ark, as also of Fowles: And after seaven days the Lord rained upon the Earth, and upon the seaventh day the fountains of the deep were broken up, and the waters covered the Earth. Also Abraham gave to Abimelech seaven Ewe Lambs: and Jacob served seaven years for Leah, and seaven more for Rachael: and seaven dayes the people of Israel bewailed the death of Jacob. Moreover, we read in the same place, of seaven Kine, and seaven Ears of Corn, seaven years of plenty, and seaven years of scarcity. And in Exodus, the Sabboth of Sabboths, the holy rest to the Lord, is commanded to be on the seaventh day. Also on the seaventh day Moses ceased to pray. On the seaventh day there shall be a solemnity of the Lord, the seaventh year the servant shall go out free: seaven dayes let the Calf, and the Lamb be with its damm; the seaventh year let the ground that hath been sown six years, be at rest: the seaventh day shall be a holy Sabboth, and a rest: the seaventh day, because it is the Sabboth, shall be called holy. In Leviticus the seaventh day also shall be more observed, and be more holy: and the first day of the seaventh moneth shall be a Sabboth of memoriall. Seaven dayes shall the sacrifices be offered to the Lord, seaven dayes shall the holy dayes of the Lord be celebrated, seaven dayes in a year everlastingly in the generations. In the seaventh moneth you shall celebrate feasts, and shall dwell in Tabernacles seaven dayes: seaven times he shall sprinkle himself before the Lord, that hath dipped his finger in blood: he that is cleansed from the Leprosy, shall dip seaven times in the blood of a sparrow: seaven days shall she be washed with running water, that is menstruous: seaven times he shall dip his finger in the blood of a bullock: seaven times I will smite you for your sins: In Deuteronomy seaven people possessed the Land of promise. There is also read of a seaventh year of remission, and seaven Candles set up on the South side of the Candlesticks. And in Numbers it is read, that the sons of Israel offered up seaven Ewe Lambs without spot, and that seaven dayes they did eat unleavened bread, and that sin was expiated with seaven Lambs, & a Goat, and that the seaventh day was celebrated, and holy, and the first day of the seaventh moneth was observed, and kept holy, and the seaventh moneth of the feast of Tabernacles, & sseven Calves were offered on the seaventh day, and Baalam erected seaven Altars; seaven dayes Mary the sister of Aaron went forth leprous out of the Camp, seaven dayes he that touched a dead carkass [carcass] was unclean. And in Joshua seaven priests carried the Ark of the Covenant before the Host, and seaven dayes they went round the Cities, and seaven trumpets were carried by the seaven Priests, and on the seaventh day the seaven Priests sounded the Trumpets. And in the book of Judges, Abessa raigned [reigned] in Israel seaven years, Sampson kept his nuptialls seaven dayes, and the seaventh day he put forth a Riddle to his wife, he was bound with seaven green [i.e. fresh] withs [nerviceis = sinews i.e. bowstrings, cf. Judges 16:8], seaven locks of his head were shaved off, seaven years were the children of Israel oppressed by the King of Maden [Madian] And in the books of the Kings, Elias prayed seaven times, and at the seaventh time, behold a little cloud! seaven dayes the children of Israel pitched over against the Syrians, and in the seaventh
day the battell [battle] was joyned: seaven years famine was threatened to David for the peoples murmuring; and seaven times the child sneesed [sneezed], that was raised [resuscitated] by Elisha, [cf. II Kings 4:35] and seaven men were crucified together in the dayes of the first harvest. Naaman was made clean with seaven washings by Elisha, the seaventh moneth Golias was slain. And in Hester we read, that the King of Persia had three Eunuchs: and in Tobias seaven men were coupled [copulati] with Sara the daughter of Raguel: And in Daniel Nebucadnezzars Furnace was heated seaven times hotter then it was used to be, and seaven Lions were in the den, and the seaventh day came Nebucadnezzar. In the book of Job there is made mention of seaven sons of Job, and seaven dayes and nights Jobs friends sate with him on the Earth; and in the same place, In seaven troubles no evill shall touch thee. In Ezra we read of Artaxerxes his seaven counsellers: and in the same place the trumpet sounded: the seaventh moneth of the feast of tabernacles were in Ezraes time, whilest the children of Israel were in the Cities: and on the first day of the seaventh moneth Esdras read the Law to the people. And in the Psalmes David praised the Lord seaven times in a day: silver is tryed seaven times; and he renders to our neighbours seaven fold into their bosomes. And Solomon saith, that wisdom hath hewen her self seaven Pillars; seaven men that can render a reason, seaven abominations which the Lord abhors, seaven abominations in the heart of an enemy, seaven overseers, seaven eyes beholding. Isaiah numbers up seaven gifts of the Holy Ghost, and seaven women shall take hold on a man. And in Jeremiah, she that hath born seaven, languisheth, she hath given up the ghost. In Ezekiel, the Prophet continued sad for seaven dayes. In Zechariah seaven lamps, and seaven pipes to those seaven lamps, and seaven eyes running to and fro throughout the whole Earth, and seaven eyes upon one stone, and the fast of the seaventh day is turned into joy. And in Micah, seaven shepherds are raised against the Assyrians. Also in the Gospel we read of seaven blessednesses, and seaven vertues, to which seaven vices are opposed; seaven petitions of the Lords prayer, seaven words of Christ upon the cross, seaven words of the blessed Virgin Mary, seaven loaves distributed by the Lord, seaven baskets of fragments, seaven brothers having one wife, seaven disciples of the Lord that were fishers, seaven water pots in Cana of Galile [Galilee], seaven woes which the Lord threatens to the Hypocrites, seaven divels [devils] cast out of the unclean woman, and seaven wickeder divells [devils] taken in after that which was cast out. Also seaven years Christ was fled into Egypt; and the seaventh hour the Fevour [fever] left the Governors son. And in the Canonicall Epistles, James describes seaven degrees of wisdom, and Peter seaven degrees of Vertues. And in the Acts are reckoned seaven Deacons, and seaven disciples chosen by the Apostles. Also in the Revelations there are many mysteries of this number: for there we read of seaven Candlesticks, seaven Stars, seaven Crowns, seaven Churches, seaven Spirits before the Throne, seaven Rivers of Egypt, seaven Seales, seaven Markes, seaven Horns, seaven Eyes, seaven Spirits of God, seaven Angels with seaven Trumpets, seaven horns of the Dragon, seaven heads of the Dragon, who had seaven Diadems: also seaven plagues, and seaven Vials, which were given to one of the seaven Angells, seaven heads of the scarlet Beast, seaven Mountains, and seaven Kings sitting upon them, and seaven thunders uttered their voyces. Moreover this number hath much power, as in natural, so in sacred, Ceremoniall, and also in other things: therefore the seaven days are related hither, also the seaven Planets, the seaven, Stars called Pleiades, the seaven Ages of the World, the seaven changes of man, the seaven liberall Arts, and so many mechanick, and so many forbidden, seaven Colours, seaven Metalls, seaven holes in the head of a man, seaven pair of nerves, seaven Mountains in the City of Rome, seaven Romane Kings, seaven Civill Wars, seaven wise men in the time of Jeremiah the Prophet, and seaven wise men of Greece. Also Rome did burn seaven days by Nero. By seaven Kings were slain ten thousand Martyrs. There were seaven sleepers, seaven principall Churches of Rome, and so many Monasteries did Gregory build: So many sons Saint Felicity brought forth: there were seaven Electors of the Empire appointed, and seaven solemn Acts in crowning the Emperour; the Laws in the Testament require seaven witnesses, there are seaven civill punishments, and seaven canonicall, and seaven canonicall hours, the priest makes seaven obeysances in the Mass; seaven Sacraments, and seaven orders of the Clergy, and a boy of seaven years may be ordained by the lesser, and may obtein a benefice sine Cura. There are seaven penitentiall Psalmes, and seaven commands of the second table, and seaven hours were Adam,and Eve in Paradise, and there were seaven men foretold by an Angell before they were born, viz. Ismael, Isaack, Sampson, Jeremiah, John Baptist, James the brother of the Lord, and Christ Jesus. Lastly, this number is most potent of all, as in good, so evill; of this Livy, the most ancient Poet sang,
The seaventh light is come, and then all things
T’absolve the father of all light begins,
The seaventh’s of all things originall,
The first seaventh, seaventh seaven we call
Perfect, with wandering Stars the heaven’s volv’d,
And with as many circles is round roll’d.

The Scale of the Number seven.

In the originall world.Ararita. àúéøàøà     Asser Eheie äéäà øùà The name of God with seven letters.
In the Intelligible world.ìàé÷ôö
Zaphiel [Zaphkiel].
Seven Angels which stand in the presence of God.
In the Celestiall world.éàúáù
The Sun.
The Moon.
Seven Planets.
In the Elementary world.The Lapwing.
The Cutlefish.
The Mole.
The Onyx.
The Eagle.
The Dolphin.
The Hart.
The Saphir [Saphire].
The Vultur [vulture]
The Pike.
The Wolf.
The Diamond.
The Swan.
The Sea-calf.
The Lion.
The Carbuncle.
The Dove.
The Goat.
The Emrald [emerald].
The Stork.
The Mullet.
The Ape.
Quick-silver [mercury].
The Achates.
The Owle.
The Sea-Cat.
Seven Birds of the Planets.
Seven Fish of the Planets.
Seven Animals of the Planets.
Seven Metals of the Planets.
Seven Stones of the Planets.
In the lesser world.The right foot.
The right ear.
The Head.
The left ear.
The right hand.
The right Nostrell.
The heart.
The right eye.
The privy members.
The left nostrill.
The left hand.
The mouth.
The left foot.
The left eye.
Seven integrall members distributed to the Planets.
Seven holes of the head distributed to the Planets.
In the infernall world.Hell.
The gates of death.
úåî ìöå
The shadow of death.
úéî éøöù
The pit of destruction.
úçù øàá
The clay of death.
ïåéä èéè
The depth of the Earth.
Seven habitations of infernals, which Rabbi Joseph of Castilia the Cabalist describes in the Garden of Nuts.

Chapter XI   Of the number Eight, and the Scale thereof.

The Pythagoreans call eight the number of justice, and fulness: first, because it is first of all divided into numbers equally even, viz. into four, and that division is by the same reason made into twice two, viz. by twice two twice; and by reason of this equality of division, it took to it self the name of justice, but the other received the name, viz. of fulness, by reason of the contexture of the corporeall solidity, since the first makes a solid body. Hence that custome of Orpheus, swearing by eight dieties [deities], if at any time he would beseech divine justice, whose names are these. Fire, Water, Earth, the Heaven, Moon, Sun, Phanes, the Night. There are also only eight visible Spheres of the heavens: also by it the property of corporeall nature is signified, which Orpheus comprehends in eight of his Sea songs. This is also called the covenant of circumcision, which was commanded to be done by the Jewes the eight day.
There were also in the old Law eight ornaments of the Priest, viz. a breast-plate, a coat, a girdle, a myter [miter], a robe, an Ephod, a girdle of the Ephod, a golden plate; hither\ belongs the number to eternity, and the end of the world, because it follows the number seven, which is the mysterie [mystery] of time: hence also the number of blessedness; for Christ teacheth so many degrees of blessednesses, as you may see in Matthew: It is also called the number of safety, and conservation, for there were so many souls of the sons of Jesse, from which David was the eighth. Also Zacharias, the father of John, received his speech the eighth day. They say this number was dedicated to Dionysius, because he was born the eighth moneth, in everlasting memory whereof, Naxos the Iland [island] was dedicated to him, which obtained this prerogative, that only the women of Naxos should safely bring forth in the eighth moneth, and their children should live, whereas the children of the eighth moneth in other Nations dy [die], and their mothers then bringing forth are in manifest danger.

The name of God with eight letters.

Eloha Vadaath úòãå äåìà Jehovah Vedaath, úòãå äåäé

In the Originall.
Eight rewards of the blessed.Inheritance.Incorruption.Power.Victory.The vision of God.Grace.A Kingdom.Joy.In the Intelligible world.
Eight visible Heavens.The Starry Heaven.The Heaven if Saturn.The Heaven of Jupiter.The Heaven of Mars.The Heaven of the Sun.The Heaven of Venus.The Heaven of Mercury.The Heaven of the Moon.In the Celestiall world.
Eight particular qualities.The dryness of the earth.The coldness of the water.The moisture of the aire.The heat of the fire.The heat of the aire.The moisture of the water.The dryness of the fire.The coldness of the earth.In the Elementary world.
Eight kinds of blessed men.The peace makers.That hunger and thirst after righteousness.The meek.They which are persecuted for righteousness sake.Pure in heart.Mercifull.Poor in spirit.Mourners.In the lesser world.
Eight rewards of the damned.Prison.Death.Judgement.The wrath of God.Darkness.Indignation.Tribulation.Anguish.In the infernall world.


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